Mmmm Mint Tea!!!

mint-teaMy neighbour introduced me to home grown mint tea this year.  Living the good life, I now have several types of mint growing in my garden too.  Every now and then I find myself popping out to cut a couple of sprigs to make myself a brew and very nice it is too!!  Zumbalicious!!!

I have also been reading up on the web about the many beneficial properties it is said to have.  Apparently it has one of the highest antioxidant properties of any food!  There is something very satisfying and very simple about picking my own mint for a cup of tea particularly when there is so many positive things to say about it.

I would certainly recommend trying this.  For me it is good to have a healthy alternative to drinking water.    I am not a great water drinker, I know I should be but I only really enjoy water if I’m desperately thirsty.

I love a bit of flavour in my drinks and you can’t imagine how delighted I was when my neighbour gave me a cutting from her chocolate mint bush! 🙂

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