Thinking About Food!

basel-laeckerli-teaI love my food!!!  Particularly all the things that aren’t good for you…. chocolate, cakes, biscuits, crisps and a glass or two of wine! Moderation is not something that comes naturally to me!!

Having a cup of tea without a biscuit is probably one of the hardest things I find to cut out, particularly in the school holidays when I’m at home with the kids and they are constantly asking for drinks and treats!

Sadly being healthy isn’t rocket science and limiting these lovely delights along with regular exercise is the only way to keep your figure. I know when I’ve put on a few pounds without having to stand on the scales. My clothes are that much tighter and I can feel the extra weight when I exercise. Enough’s enough and it’s time to be good again before it gets out of hand!

Over the summer, along with my goal to exercise regularly until Zumba starts back again, I’m also going to look out for some interesting recipes that make ‘being good’ that much easier. I’ll keep you posted.

Lou x

Just going to have a quick cup of tea (decaf and no biscuits) before bed!!

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