Hip Hop Abs – Week 1 Done!

So how have I found the first week of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs??  Well so far so good!  I have managed to find time every day to fit in the workout.  Normally early in the morning before the kids get up to avoid interruptions!!  The programme so far has alternated between a Fat Burning Cardio CD and an Ab Scuplt CD.  They have only been around 30 minutes in length so no time at all really.  As a Zumba Instructor I am used to learning dance choreography and the steps and moves in these CDs has been easy to follow.  The thing I’ve been trying to concentrate on is the ‘Tilt, Tuck and Tighten’ of my abs to get the most out of the workout!

Shaun T regularly lifts up his shirt to show how his abs are working which is a nice touch and definitely brings a smile to my face! 🙂  If I can achieve a quarter of his definition I will be very pleased!!!  We shall see!!!!  I can’t say that I have found this first week taxing and I’m not really suffering from any aches or pains afterwards.

The pace seems to up slightly in next weeks programme and most days I will have to do two CDs at a time but that’s only around 1 hour so all perfectly do-able.

I have taken a selfie of my abs this week so that I can see if there is any difference in my appearance at the end of eight weeks. Hopefully there will be something to see!!!  I am not following any particular diet just trying to cut out rubbish and eat sensibly.  Yesterday I will confess to having my first chocolate bar and some ice-cream but it was Saturday night and all my husbands fault!!!


I do feel very positive having done a bit of exercise every day.  It certainly makes a difference to your mental outlook and I think that I’ve had a touch more energy this week to normal.  Today is my ‘rest’ day so I will probably end up doing a bit of gardening if the weather holds out!

Will let you know how it goes in the next week.

Lou x

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