Getting Somewhere! End of Week 4

IMG_6886Well, here we are at the end of week 4 if Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs and I’ve just been comparing photos and think that things have definitely improved.  I don’t look like the girls that dance with Shaun T but then I’m 44 and have had 3 children so not really expecting too!!  However, after exercising every day bar one each week I’m feeling fitter and I’m certainly less wobbly which is what I’d hoped.  I can see a bit more definition in my abs though I’m way off a six pack!!! Still I have another 4 weeks and things step up in level 2.

Just a reminder below of what I looked like at the start of the programme to compare the small improvement to my Abs

A picture of my Abs after Week One

Have I enjoyed the workouts? Yes, without a doubt they are lively and fun and easy to follow.  I have thrown myself into them, especially when I’ve only be doing one of the DVDs which is about half an hour long, and worked really hard to make sure that I’ve worked up a sweat.  As the month’s gone by and I’ve got used to the moves then I’ve really made an effort to ‘Tilt, Tuck and Tighten’ and concentrated on working the abdominals.  There are a couple of moves which I have felt don’t work when they’re speeded up and it’s hard to control your body but I’ve somehow managed to keep up.  Quite glad that no-one can see me, even though Shaun T says ‘I’m amazing’ :)!!

I intend to carry on with level 2 and give myself another month following this programme.  The next week is going to be tough on my diet as I’m off with the kids again and we will probably eat out a couple of times.  Hopefully it will be quite active so that may help!!  Bring on Level 2!!!

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