Exercise is working but Diet is the key! – End of Week 5

IMG_2459So into week 5 and now on to the level 2 set of DVDs for Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs.  I also took this week off work to be at home with the kids so the diet went entirely out of the window.  Level 2 is certainly harder and I have noticed the step up.  The DVD’s are only longer by around 5 or 10 minutes but they are generally more intense.

I am definitely feeling fitter and more toned but I fear that the layer of fat covering my Abs is only going to go away with some pretty strict dieting.  If I press my fingers into my abs they are firmer but any definition is buried under a wobbly blanket of blubber.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m quite comfortable with my figure including my soft wobbly bits but this experiment for me is to see if it’s possible to get those beach body abs at home in my front room without having to spend hours in a Gym.

To give myself any chance of ever seeing my abs though it’s going to take more than just doing the DVDs.  That’s the easy bit really.  For me dieting is the hard bit.  I love cooking and I love to eat what I cook!!  This week it’s time for my old weight watchers recipe book to come out and no sugary sweet delicious things will cross my lips.

I am having fun with the DVDs which is important and although they are repetitive I’m not bored of them yet.  The switch to level 2 came at about the right time and although they contain some of the moves from the first DVDs they have thrown in some new things to keep me interested.  I’m thinking I might work on a new abs Zumba track for our class in September as a tribute to my summer with Shaun T, picking out some of my favourite moves from his DVDs and giving it a Latin Dance twist. Might be interesting!!!  Not long now before Term Starts again and we will be back to our Zumba Class in Tunbridge Wells!!!  Can’t believe how quickly this summer has flown by! x

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