Zumba to support NHS Staff – BBC Radio Kent

Nicky Lou BBCWhat a hilarious morning we’ve just had!!!  Nicky and I were asked to talk about the health benefits of Zumba on BBC Radio Kent with Lembit Opik in the light of the NHS announcing that they are going to offer Zumba classes to their staff in an attempt to reduce sickness absence.

Listening to music on the radio is one thing but dancing on the radio is quite another!!!  All I can say is well done to Lembit for his entertaining commentary on the wiggles, thrusts and whoops that make Zumba such a popular and fun form of exercise.

Lembit Nicky Lou

Click here if you want to listen to the broadcast.

Nicky and I carried on talking about the NHS’s proposals on the way home in the car.  As a Zumba Instructor I’m always witnessing and experiencing the very huge benefits of attending a Zumba Class.  Not just the obvious benefits in terms of fitness but also the positive impact on people in terms of stress relief, lifting your spirits mentally, coming out and enjoying a social environment and boosting overall confidence.  I can see why the NHS might feel that introducing this positive way of exercising into the workplace might help to improve the happiness and motivation of staff, which might in turn, help to combat absence.  I’m not sure however, how the general public will respond to taxpayers money being used to pay for fitness classes for NHS staff when there are so many other funding issues that the NHS are faced with?

Staff sickness apparently costs the NHS £2.4 billion pounds a year.  Simon Stevens, NHS Chief Executive has said that his proposal will cost in the region of £5 million pounds a year.  He has said that creating a healthy and supportive workplace is “must do” and he believes that hospitals can help staff to stay fit and well by serving healthy food and running yoga and zumba classes.

What do you think about that?

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