Healthy and Toned – Week 6 Completed

Abs at 6 weeksWell, here we are at the end of week 6 of Shaun T’s hip hop abs workout!  Half way through level 2 with only a couple of weeks left until I’ve completed the full programme!!  I’ve tried to diet this week but it’s been hard.  I am too easily tempted by all the sweet things in life!!!  But I’ve dug deep and somewhere found the strength to stop myself from indulging… 99% of the time!!

My husband tells me that he thinks I’m more toned and has been a real encouragement and I do think that it helps to hear that.  Every day when you look at yourself you don’t really notice the changes so it’s good to hear from someone else that all the effort is worthwhile!

Posting a picture every week has also been a motivation because I’m putting myself on display and I really don’t want to see my stomach getting bigger!!!  Knowing that helps too when I walk past the delicious looking cakes in the coffee shops!!

My core is definitely stronger and my pelvic floor is holding firmer which is great (these things are never quite the same after children!)  The exercises that were tough at the beginning are easier to get through now.

I’m going to have to look at what DVD to do next when this is all finished!  I quite fancy having a Beach Body Brazilian Butt to go with my Hip Hop Abs!!!!

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