Nearly Done it! – End of Week 7

IMG_1279I really didn’t think that I would keep this up every day for the full 60 days but here we are at the end of week 7!  Only one more week to go!  It can be done!!  Exercising on your own can be a bit lonely and it’s hard to really push yourself when there is nobody watching so I did think I might get a bit fed up with it, particularly when I’m used to being in front of a full class of very noisy and energetic ladies doing Zumba!  But here we are and there’s only one more week to go before I’ve completed Shaun T’s 60 day Hip Hop Abs Programme!

This morning I’m tucking into a chocolate croissant and a frothy cup of coffee to celebrate.  What the hell, I’ve been good all week!  I’m definitely fitter and healthier than I was seven weeks ago and an odd chocolate croissant here and there isn’t going to change that!  Life’s just too short to worry about it!  It’s delicious, slightly warm and I’m having to be careful the crumbs and the chocolate don’t drop all over my keyboard!  Life is good!

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